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  • @Home 01

    The great modularity of the @home system and the wide range of available finishings allow to design of truly customised island, which can be two-faced or equipped with snack areas on the back. The handle profile fixed placing, set 22cm from the top, is what characterises them.

  • @Home 01

    The open end shelving has a harmonious set of proportions with thin thicknesses, is placed along the kitchen wall or the living area and houses spices, books, and valuable objects. It is created from the combination of three elements: splashback panels, aluminium shelves with a steel finishing and aluminium vertical laths, wood-coated or with a steel finishing. The upright, that recurs every 30 cm, is inserted in the shelf, and becomes both a functional element and a decorative detail of high ae

  • @Home 01

    @home goes beyond the idea of the super-functional, machine-like kitchen and designs the living space so that it is flexible, refined, and comfortable. The larder and all other kitchen’s supplies are hidden in storage cabinets, suitable also for other areas of the house. Generously large multi-purpose containers available in two heights, with full doors or with two doors, thought also for built-in fridges. The thick vertical aluminium handle becomes a studied detail.

  • @Home 01

    In balance between tradition and innovation, @home system prompts the project to defy conventions. The system’s components design spaces and functions, just like the multi-functional storage cabinets that partition the environments. The inner sides are customisable, and lacquers, steel coatings, glass shelves and led lighting are available options.

  • @Home 01

    @home system overcomes the contrast between industrial and artisan manufacturing. The open-space area is furnished with elegant and refined solutions, each characterised by valuable materials and leading-edge manufacturing, which allow to mould thin thicknesses and extremely elegant shapes.



C+S Architects, Venice and London based, have a track record in designing high quality schemes working internationally in urban design, architectural and interior design, both for the private and the public sectors.

C+S Architects

C+S Architects is a team dedicated to combine strong conceptual design ability with the sensitivity of materiality and light and a particular innovative approach in sustainability.

C+S Architects have won many international competitions including the he development of of housing and hospitality in Tervuren, Belgium through the restoration of the residencies of Leopold II (2017), the design of Gamec Art Gallery in Bergamo, Italy (2016), the development of a fashion campus with housing and offices in Chiasso, Switzerland, (2014), the refurbishment of an Ex-Tobacco factory in Venice to house the new law court o ces of the city (completed in 2014), the Policlinic Complex in Milan (under construction), a housing complex in Japan (2008), the Tenova headquarters in Varese (2010) and many projects for school buildings.



@Home 01

With @home Elmar created a modern system of storage cabinets that fits in all the environments of the house, not only in the kitchen. They are true multi-purpose containers, with single or double doors, suitable for built-in ovens and fridges too.

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