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  • @Home 02

    This arrangement created with the @home system is characterised by a wise combination of volumes and shades of colour. The material appearance of the cabinets, with simple but regular lines, enhances the light reflections of the open-end shelving modules. Thanks to the many available base units and cabinets widths and heights respectively, it is possible to customise your kitchen furniture at its best.

  • @Home 02

    Thanks to its customisable layouts, materials, and finishings and usage of advanced solutions and elements of essential design, @home is an extremely versatile system, which results in many different compositional alternatives. Rigour and technical precision are fundamental for the 45° manufacturing processes, visible in all details: sides, worktops, doors and handle.

  • @Home 02

    Clay, eco-compatible and recyclable material, ancient and versatile to the point that it becomes modern, is the finishing chosen to create @home arrangements able to inhabit elegantly and with refinement different living environments.



C+S Architects, Venice and London based, have a track record in designing high quality schemes working internationally in urban design, architectural and interior design, both for the private and the public sectors.

C+S Architects

C+S Architects is a team dedicated to combine strong conceptual design ability with the sensitivity of materiality and light and a particular innovative approach in sustainability.

C+S Architects have won many international competitions including the he development of of housing and hospitality in Tervuren, Belgium through the restoration of the residencies of Leopold II (2017), the design of Gamec Art Gallery in Bergamo, Italy (2016), the development of a fashion campus with housing and offices in Chiasso, Switzerland, (2014), the refurbishment of an Ex-Tobacco factory in Venice to house the new law court o ces of the city (completed in 2014), the Policlinic Complex in Milan (under construction), a housing complex in Japan (2008), the Tenova headquarters in Varese (2010) and many projects for school buildings.



@Home 02

There are three types of handle profiles that look the same from a frontal view: the C-shaped profile, that, merging the upper and lower frontal sides, enables a hinged or tilt-out opening, the high profile, also installed on the hinged or tilt-out opening or on the door’s upper side, and the low profile, installed on the first drawer’s lower side. On the terminal base the handle interrupts approximately half-way through the length. The surface top can be used at 90° or 45°.

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