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@Home 03 out of the box


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    @home brings Italian lifestyle in a space in balance between tradition and innovation: a living landscape composed of relevant elements. The large table is towered by a hood-organ, a modular system with stainless steel cylindrical elements of different sizes, that can adapt to the various volumes of the environments. The cylinders contain the suction unit, the lighting and the speakers.

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    The wide storage cabinets are provided with pull-out hinged doors, that, receding, open and disappear, living the space clear and obstacle-free. They reveal unexpected spaces to dedicate to the storage of tableware and small appliances.

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    Kitchen is space, emotion, warmth: the memory of a fire around which gather and cook, eat, talk, get warm, enjoy oneself @home. The large table is towered by a hood-organ able to transform food aromas in music, as if by magic.

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    Elmar’s expertise in kitchen design can combine the product’s aesthetic and functionality with Italian artisan craftsmanship. The exclusive design and the vibrations of the materials make the environment even more unique.

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    Thin thicknesses, harmonious proportions, solid and valuable materials are what characterises the shelf, place where to collect objects, books, and spices. It has a high aesthetic impact and it is composed of three elements that can be connected: splashback panels, shelves and vertical laths. In order to adapt it to different living situations at its best, the height of the shelving is customisable and is available from a minimum height of 106 cm to a maximum of 140 cm.

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    In the @home kitchen area, the large table becomes an island, important feature and a place around which gather and talk, work, cook. There, the one-piece steel cooking top is placed with care, and is provided with and induction plate and two or four large drawers. The electrical wiring is hidden inside one of the table’s legs.



C+S Architects, Venice and London based, have a track record in designing high quality schemes working internationally in urban design, architectural and interior design, both for the private and the public sectors.

C+S Architects

C+S Architects is a team dedicated to combine strong conceptual design ability with the sensitivity of materiality and light and a particular innovative approach in sustainability.

C+S Architects have won many international competitions including the he development of of housing and hospitality in Tervuren, Belgium through the restoration of the residencies of Leopold II (2017), the design of Gamec Art Gallery in Bergamo, Italy (2016), the development of a fashion campus with housing and offices in Chiasso, Switzerland, (2014), the refurbishment of an Ex-Tobacco factory in Venice to house the new law court o ces of the city (completed in 2014), the Policlinic Complex in Milan (under construction), a housing complex in Japan (2008), the Tenova headquarters in Varese (2010) and many projects for school buildings.



@Home 03

The island becomes a large wooden table around which talk, sit, and work as if by a fireplace. It is available also in Canaletto walnut and smoked oak wood. 120 cm wide and 270, 300, 320, 350 cm long with four legs, and 400, 450, 520 cm long with 6 legs. The electrical wiring of the induction plate is hidden in one of the table’s legs. The 120, 150, 180 cm wide steel plate houses 2 or 4 large drawers.

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