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  • @Home 04

    The @home cube is characterised by an alternating game of full and empty spaces that define the environments with spaces and volumes. In the background are the storage tall units, which house the technological components. The appealing tranché oak finishing the superficial mark of the tool used to process wood is left intentionally visible.

  • @Home 04

    The storage cabinets system with receding doors, available in two different heights, furnishes the kitchen area while offering lots of space for storage and tidiness. When open, the concealing doors reveal a large internal space that can be accessorised to taste. This is an arrangement system truly designed to create washing and cooking areas, larders, and storage space for small appliances.

  • @Home 04

    The highly decorative architectonic islands are created by matching “close end” modules, with 64 cm high drawers and baskets, with an open end module made in thin steel and comprehensive, half-way in depth, of a vertical transparent glass. On these elements lay block-plates that can be made in steel or other material, to be customised according to their final function: washing and/or cooking. Upon request, it comes with a steel-finishing coated cover.

  • @Home 04

    There are many customisation options to choose from for the storage cabinets thanks to the available equipment. From the simplest solutions, that comprise only larder/oven tall units, to more elaborate ones, that include base units, wall cabinets, doors and wall panels.

  • @Home 04

    With @home the kitchen area intimately interweaves with the living one, in search for complemented design project. The kitchen is an open space, that looks at the living area and follows its style: terminal elements are inserted in the tall unit thanks to which spaces and functions combine. These shelves are created to display not only books, but also decor objects, bottles, accessories.



C+S Architects, Venice and London based, have a track record in designing high quality schemes working internationally in urban design, architectural and interior design, both for the private and the public sectors.

C+S Architects

C+S Architects is a team dedicated to combine strong conceptual design ability with the sensitivity of materiality and light and a particular innovative approach in sustainability.

C+S Architects have won many international competitions including the he development of of housing and hospitality in Tervuren, Belgium through the restoration of the residencies of Leopold II (2017), the design of Gamec Art Gallery in Bergamo, Italy (2016), the development of a fashion campus with housing and offices in Chiasso, Switzerland, (2014), the refurbishment of an Ex-Tobacco factory in Venice to house the new law court o ces of the city (completed in 2014), the Policlinic Complex in Milan (under construction), a housing complex in Japan (2008), the Tenova headquarters in Varese (2010) and many projects for school buildings.



@Home 04

The elegant vertical handle is integrated in the upright, also placed on the inside of the door and specially shaped so that, when the doors are open, it becomes at once closing of the empty space necessary to the sliding system and handle for the door’s closing. The handle detail is created with care as if it were handmade.

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