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    Tall units, shelving’s, cupboards and cabinets furnish a space of refined elegance. @Home has elegantly chosen materials and is customisable in the arrangement of those elements that make him inhabit a kitchen environment that interacts with the living area. The fulcrums of the projects are the Easy Table islands and peninsular units, where heating, cooking and eating take place.

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    The islands and peninsular units gain even more importance thanks to Easy Table, transformable and useful concealed table in steel or white painted aluminium. Easy Table, available in two different lengths, welcomes the cooking top that can be freely placed. The exclusive table is provided with a positioning lock and, when open, has an uniformly distributed 100 kg maximum load.

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    When not in use, it leaves the space free of obstructions, if pulled-out, it becomes a beautiful and resistant table around which gather. Essay Table has a great flexibility of use, and is easily implementable in wall, peninsular or island arrangements.

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    The base units are available in the following widths: 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120cm. They are characterised by the fixed handle profile, set 22 cm from the top. It is a high thickness aluminium profile. There are three types of handle profiles that look the same from a frontal view: the C-shaped profile, that, merging the upper and lower frontal sides, enables a hinged or tilt-out opening, the high profile, also installed on the hinged or tilt-out opening or on the door’s upper side, and the low

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    With @home Elmar created a modern system of storage cabinets that fits in all the environments of the house, not only in the kitchen. True multi-purpose containers, they come with single or double doors, suitable also for built-in ovens and fridges. They are available in two sizes, 210 and 230 cm high, and can have floor -standing doors with hidden baseboard. The vertical, thick aluminium handles are a characterising refined detail. The inner sides are customisable, and lacquers, steel-coatings,

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    The ends of the tall units are equipped with shelves that transform them in elegant and useful shelving’s, functional and decorative elements.



C+S Architects, Venice and London based, have a track record in designing high quality schemes working internationally in urban design, architectural and interior design, both for the private and the public sectors.

C+S Architects

C+S Architects is a team dedicated to combine strong conceptual design ability with the sensitivity of materiality and light and a particular innovative approach in sustainability.

C+S Architects have won many international competitions including the he development of of housing and hospitality in Tervuren, Belgium through the restoration of the residencies of Leopold II (2017), the design of Gamec Art Gallery in Bergamo, Italy (2016), the development of a fashion campus with housing and offices in Chiasso, Switzerland, (2014), the refurbishment of an Ex-Tobacco factory in Venice to house the new law court o ces of the city (completed in 2014), the Policlinic Complex in Milan (under construction), a housing complex in Japan (2008), the Tenova headquarters in Varese (2010) and many projects for school buildings.



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Thanks to the 75 cm wide modules, Elmar offers new ways of living and interpreting modern spaces.

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