• Playground

    The Playground system distinguished itself for its simplicity, sign of character. It is a kitchen designed for young arrangements and compact metropolitan environments where space is functionally set thanks to small islands and storage tall units. The Kono hanging hood dominates and completes the room. The kitchen becomes a playground, where you can set your rules: freely imagine and create.

  • Playground

    Tidiness and functionality: tall units with two sliding doors are implemented in Playground Kitchens and offer precious storage space. The inner side of the tall unit with filler door meets various needs and multiple functions. Made to redouble careful storage space for small appliances, tableware, and accessories.

  • Playground

    Playground is an unprecedented furnishing arrangement that adapts to numerous spacial solutions. An innovative approach that adds new colour vibrations to the traditional modular kitchen, thanks to its regular geometric shapes and refined taste. Playground shares a story, rich in near and far mentions, that make you live your kitchen with renewed vitality.

  • Playground

    Innovative materials for young arrangements enhance the beauty and functionality of the kitchen environment at his best. The wide range of finishings for the Playground system comprises more than 70 options that include, among the others, matte and shiny lacquers, wood melamines, concrete melamines, matte and shiny acrylics, and unfolds endless possibilities for customisation.

  • Playground

    Aesthetically refined, highly technological, the Playground system is able to merge formal neatness and outstanding functionality. It is a kitchen system that can be arranged according to needs and tastes that can even be very different from one another. Here, the steel top that welcomes the cooking area is paired with the doors’ elegant and modern shade of grey, for a modern and high-tech mood.

  • Playground

    Ergonomics, functionality, innovation: Playground kitchens are designed for those who love to live space in a practical and relaxed way. It is thought for those who are always looking for high-level and new design solutions, as the exclusive steel Sliding table that redoubles surfaces and eases your movements.

  • Playground

    Simplicity, distinctive features and character are the hallmarks of Playground kitchens. The exclusive design is enhanced by the handle’s detail. Evident, pure and essential, it becomes a distinctive element of design that gives personality to the whole arrangement.



Playground distinguished itself for its distinctive features and character. The handle, pure and essential, becomes a relevant element of design, rich in character.

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