Melamine wood

Ongoing research and technological development in the field of decorative melamine have led to the achievement of high-level results. This enables us to offer products with excellent aesthetics that resemble wood both in design and pattern. In particular, the evolution of press lines allows us to obtain a considerable depth of the “pores” with a very realistic effect as it is “synchronised” to the wood pattern. Tactile effect, light and graphical effect are perfectly aligned, making it very difficult to distinguish these materials from wood.  They are also available in a varied range of colours and designs, so that they coordinate with each other and adapt to any project, according to the most refined tastes of our customers. Choosing melamine means to make an environmentally friendly choice, too. The panels are made mainly using the woods deriving from local woods waste material, sawmill residues and old wood. These supports live up to the strictest standards on quality and environment and are PEFC certified. Even after years, wood-made materials can be disposed without any consequence regarding energy or materials.