Metal Lacquers

Thanks to careful research we are able to offer incredible lacquered doors with a metal effect. This is possible only thanks to the use of high amounts of metallic pigments inside the paint. In order to obtain a high-quality product, all of the painting stages of the door are made with utmost care. The initial product is top quality MDF1E, which is coated with a polyester base and with three hands of paint on each side, while six hands are painted on the borders, in order to make the product water-proof and to avoid paint loss over time. After the necessary sanding, two coats of polyurethane paints are applied. Subsequently manual sanding is followed by a coating with metal paints, composed of acrylic and metal pigmented bases, treated with processes exclusively studied for this type of product. The external finishings are made with an absolutely colourless and anti-yellowing acrylic product and reflect true metal. After it has dried, the acrylic coating film “glazes” and the product thus becomes resistant and does not release fumes. This product is made exclusively by hand, thus the effect of oxidation results different on each door, though maintaining the background colour tone constant. The oxidation process of metal products is guaranteed unchanged in time.